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In early 1990s, Russia dramatically passed from the demolished socialist system to new realities of the Constitution of 1993. The transit from planned economy to free market was impossible without a completely new legal system.

Doing business was an interesting, but very difficult, and often dangerous activity.  Worthless tax and customs legislation hampered Russia’s economic development.

 Our business experience at home and abroad, prompted us to carry out comprehensive study of legal theory and relevant branches of law in their dynamic development to overcome legal flaws. We had to pass additional legal training, postgraduate studies, and get scientific degrees in Law.

Therefore, our attorneys are not only legal experts, but also scientists who define legal positions on the most complicated questions.

Based on the new constitutional law of the Russian Federation, we grew and professionally developed "hand in hand" with all the normative system of business regulation. We faced serious problems:  customs legislation changed and improved day after day. Tax law had so many faults and was so contradictory that tax lawyers and consultants were in demand. Our motto was born then: ANCHORED ON RESISTANCE, WE MOVE FORWARD... These words helped us at that time. They still help us.

 We have successfully cooperated with large industrial enterprises since mid-nineties granting them legal support and assistance in foreign economic activity, tax planning and settlement of tax and customs disputes. We helped to challenge tax claims to large industries exposed to multiple inspections because of their successfulness.

As a result of our vigorous human rights activity, both in a pre-trial procedure, and in court, more than one thousand decisions of state bodies were declared wrongful and invalid. We managed to refund billions of dollars of taxes, preserving them in circulation, they constituted huge tax base, salary funds and, the main thing, investment funds. The number and scope of clients was growing and our firm was growing as well.

 Today we are accompanying fifteen large investment projects granting legal support to more than a hundred enterprises. Numerous successful transactions, one and a half thousand of lawsuits (generally won), gratitude and respect of our clients and trustees.

 We realize that our country has entered a new era. Almost everyone has felt changes and realized that “tomorrow” will be completely different from “yesterday”.  However, we are ready to these challenges. We are looking forward with optimism. Along with accurate calculation, based on scientific and legal knowledge and broad awareness, it allows us to make plans for our trustees and for ourselves.

 We are proud of our work and we are glad to help you.