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The advocatory Bureau “GLAZUNOV & PARTNERS” regards the protection of the citizens’ and legal bodies’ rights in their disputes with state bodies as its main task. Our specialization are tax disputes in arbitration court, customs disputes, administrative pressure, refunding of overpaid taxes, debt recovery, representation in arbitration court of all instances, in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation and the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation.

We do not consider that the interests of the state and its bodies coincide. State or public interest is in the long run performed for our sake, but departmental or, in other words, official interest often contradicts public, as well as individual interest.

Thereby, for more than two decades we have been helping to challenge tax claims to large industries exposed to multiple inspections because of their successfulness.

As a result of our active legal position both in pre-trial procedure and in court, more than a thousand of the state authorities’ decisions have been acknowledged inconsistent and void. We managed to refund billions of dollars of taxes and these funds have been preserved in circulation and have formed vast tax base, payroll totals, investment funds.

Our experience, high professional level and creativity of thinking allow us to find the way out of the most difficult, and at times deadlock legal labyrinths.

All our clients and trustees feel the reliability of our firm. High degree of responsibility, diligence, decency and validity allow us to achieve goals set by the customer.

We are proud of our work and its results; and we are glad to help you as well.

​With respect, Alexey Glazunov

We protect justice, combining flexibility of thinking and creative approach with international standards of advocacy.

Three key principles form the basis of work of the advocatory bureau "GLAZUNOV AND PARTNERS":

· Consolidation of high academic potential with international standards of advocacy and legal practice skills.

· Synergy of senior partners’ professional experience with assertiveness of the younger lawyers, who thanks to the firm’s structure have good opportunity to improve professional skills.

· Keeping to business and moral ethical principles towards the clients, aspiration to protect them from problems with emphasis on risk prevention.

We understand our clients’ business, timely reveal and vigorously solve their problems, being in permanent contact. We set a task and consistently work till we reach the planned goal.

Our consultants and partners’ efforts, the firm’s resources are directed to bringing benefit to our clients. We work as one team in which everyone implements his potential for a common goal.